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6 Ways to Position Healthy Foods

The global ‘Healthy Foods’ industry is expected to top $1 trillion for the first time in 20171.  The industry descriptor is “functional, allergen-free, organic and other healthy foods,” inclusive of both food and beverages which have a roughly 60/40 split in dollar terms. But being healthy and saying “healthy” are two different things. To be ..Read More

5 Key Mobile Marketing Themes from Björn Stansvik, CEO of MentorMate

Björn Stansvik, CEO of MentorMate with Hugh Williams, Principal at Williams Global Marketing I had the opportunity to hear Björn Stansvik, CEO of Minneapolis-based MentorMate, speak at a Harvard Club event on Jan 27. MentorMate is a leader in mobile software development, a company with ~400 employees that was purchased in 2014 by Taylor Corp. ..Read More

How Do We Measure Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness?

  Well that’s another Super Bowl in the books and also another round of blow-the-budget, great and not-so-great advertising.  USA Today’s Ad Meter is generally seen as the top mainstream source for answering the question, “which advertising was the best?”  All 63 ads are given a simple, 1-10 rating by the Ad Meter panelists. While ..Read More