Exceeding client expectations is WFM’s #1 priority

A golden rule of marketing is that meeting customer expectations is not enough. It is only when we exceed expectations that we deliver true value to our customers and turn them into advocates for our product or service. This will be WFM’s goal from day one of working with you and we look forward to getting started.


“Hugh has been involved in resetting our strategic direction. He has been instrumental in gleaning valuable consumer insights and in getting alignment with our board and senior management team. He is smart, efficient, thorough, collaborative and genuinely helpful.”

–Whitney Velasco-Aznar, Vice President Marketing at GO VEGGIE / Galaxy Nutritional Foods


“Hugh is one of the best classically trained marketers that I have had the pleasure of meeting. More importantly, he possesses an uncanny business intuition that allows him to identify meaningful insights (consumer or otherwise) and translate those into strategies that deliver results.”

–Jacob Berning, Vice President of Marketing at The Schwan Food Company


“Hugh is that rare breed of person who can combine the rigor of best practice methodologies with an immediate honing in on what truly matters and will work in your particular case, thus getting the benefit of both. He plays well with others and quickly integrates into various environments.”

–Bjorn Stansvik, CEO at MentorMate


“Hugh is a strong marketing strategist….a smart, thoughtful marketer and leader who brings together business dynamics and consumer insight to develop a single-minded strategy for winning.”

–Eric Galler, Chief Marketing Strategy Officer, 3M Company


“Hugh brought a deep level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise to the effort and was able to complete a very thorough business case analysis and strategic marketing recommendation. It was a true pleasure to work with Hugh and a significant benefit to my program, which yielded results that we will utilize for some time!”

–Scott Weislow, Director of Recycling & Waste Minimization at Best Buy


“I was impressed with his ability to quickly form an understanding of the business and context in which [we] operate, combined with some fresh and creative thinking around impactful and implementable recommendations…I would absolutely recommend Hugh and WGM to businesses seeking clear and effective marketing strategy insight, regardless of industry or market.”

–Niels Holst, Managing Director at Fieldstone Europe


“Hugh is one of those unique people you meet where you wonder “how did he know all that?” He can disagree with you without being disagreeable. Hugh is an excellent blend of: spooky smart, super likable, mild mannered and serious drive.”

–Greg Blomberg, General Manager at Kendrick Forest Products

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